IGN - Dexter: "The Angel of Death" Review

IGN - Dexter continued to stay a bit stronger this week with "The Angel of Death." But what started out as a grand "hunt" ended with a big, nonsensical fumble. I liked the fact that Dexter managed to track down Travis so quickly and it made me even think that the whole Doomsday Killer plot might even get wrapped up before the end of the season, leaving things open for a whole new story. I mean, who says that the "big bad" has to last all 13 episodes? Let's change it up. But Dexter found Travis and then…let him go. Because Travis said he didn't do it. Wow, that works? I guess so because Dexter, for some reason, took his word for it.

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pomoluese2793d ago

IDK if they wrap up the whole Doomsday killer thing before the season is over, but with all the brunettes they seem to go after I could see them going after Deb. When he said that thing about the whore of babylon and they went to that picture all I could think was DEB!

I wonder if the ice truck thing is going to come up again this season or if that's just resolved now.

loudhugo2792d ago

this has been a weird season, but still better than most series