6 Not-So-Iconic Horror Movie Villains Who Could Use a Better Agent

From TMP:

One of the most essential aspects of a horror movie is a good villain. Without one, you have nothing for the film’s scares to rely on. I imagine most of you are spending today, Halloween, looking back on some of your favorite horror movies. I imagine most of them have a villain who has withstood the test of time, who remains scary even to this day. Some horror villains aren’t that lucky. They may not have the fame of a Jason or a Freddy, but they are scary all the same. Let’s take a look at the six non iconic scary movie bad guys who, for better or worse, have seen better days.

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darklordzor2794d ago

Got to love 'The Wind', needs more starring villain roles.

StarWarsFan2793d ago

The bees from The Wicker Man. Really?