Villains for Star Trek 2 Revealed

CBM says

Trek Brasilis is a popular Star Trek website for Brazilians and they have been contacted by a "reliable source" who has leaked the villains for the much anticipated sequel.

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alycakes3407d ago

I wasn't too familiar with Star Trek villians so I guess I'll just have to learn about them as I go along with the information I get as the movie gets made. The only one I can never forget is Khan from the tv episode 'The Bad Seed'. Then they made the movie 'The Wrath of Khan'

Crazay3407d ago

The Wrath of Khan was my favorite with the original actors. Spectacular movie. Seeing the Klingons as the antagonist doesn't surprise me in the least...I do after all have some insight and insider info on the new Star Trek game that's being worked on right now for a 2012 launch with a lead into the next movie.

morkendo3407d ago

long as it not the "TRIBBLES" i dont care who is the villians.

Crazay3407d ago

COME ON DUDE!! The Trouble with Tribbles was an awesome episode. I'd actually kinda like to see Khan again though I can't deny that.

morkendo3407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

nothing better than KHAN!!!!!!!! other than that i wish they make "Yesterday Tomorrow " spock an kirk rescue bones from the same time they all had to let ms. keely (joan collins) die to save future events.

Panthers3407d ago

The new Star Trek is one of my fav movies. I cant freakin wait!!!!!!!

Crazay3406d ago (Edited 3406d ago )

The latest Star Trek movie was effin incredible. It was actually so good that even my wife, who "hates Star Trek" came out and was speechless because she couldn't believe just how much she enjoyed it.

I walked out of the theater jonesing for more Trek so I went out and bought the boxset with the original cast members and watched them over the weekend.

IcyEye3406d ago

Star trek (2009) was a joke of movie.
Not only an insult to the Gene Roddenberry AND Berman, but also a movie with so many flaws that's incredible people can like this movie.

Okay, it's a popcorn movie, lots of action, but the story and the shaky camera are terrible.

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