More The Dark Knight Rises Set Photos Showcasing "Batwing Hovering Over Bane's Unknown Device"

CBM says

Some more set photos of today's The Dark Knight Rises NYC shoot, have surfaced on the world wide web. Along with new photos are some descriptions of what was shot today.

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pomoluese4158d ago

That doesn't look like it could fly. I wonder if that Call of Duty ad will show up in the film.

Crazay4158d ago

I think that it may be more like a harrier jet then anything else but I couldn't help but laugh at the CoD comment...Problem is where are you looking?

pomoluese4158d ago

Like right behind it in the third shot.

pomoluese4158d ago

Never mind it's probably just where people can watch. Camera trickery!

StarWarsFan4157d ago

I want to see this thing in battle mode.