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After the successful Thor and the promising X-Men: First Class and Captain America: The First Avenger we were bound to get a superhero summer stinker. Too bad it was Green Lantern. Ryan Reynolds second attempt at a comic book character, the first being Deadpool. This time around Reynolds would have to use his skills as a cocky and arrogant asshole who somehow still manages to be charming to his advantage because the character of the Green Lantern is one of the most sci-fi heavy and silliest out there. Marvel and Paramount proved that they could blend a fantasy realm with a grounded story that also takes place on Earth in Thor and now it was DC and Warner Brothers turn, a studio/publishing combination that has spent most of its time together venturing into much darker and gritty projects like The Dark Knight and Watchmen. How does Green Lantern stack up against similar characters and even opposites?

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amydevoe3414d ago

In general I like Reynolds, but even he couldn't save this pic

gdogg6663413d ago

it wasnt that bad i got it worth the money

alycakes3413d ago

I bought it when it first came out and I liked it except for Blake Lively's wasn't very good acting for her part but other than that I thought it was good.