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'Grimm' Premiere Ratings Surprise, 'Chuck' Crushed

EW: So how Grimm was it?

The final season of NBC’s Chuck and new drama Grimm had to premiere up against Game 7 of the World Series on Friday night.

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pomoluese3412d ago

Well at least it's their last season, unless they get cancelled before things are wrapped up.

I always start watching it and then lose interest by the end of the season.

xVeZx3411d ago

they gotta bring back heroes

Lord_Sloth3411d ago

I think it's good for a show to have an end in mind. Gives a sense of closure.

I'm waiting for Breaking Bad's final season though. I didn't even watch Chuck's 4th season...It already got stale.

WitWolfy3410d ago

I heard Chuck's story line really lost the plot after the 3rd season. So I never bothered with it

alycakes3410d ago

Well, I'm going to tell you that Grimm was great! They better not cancel that one. I loved it and I'm hoping enough people watch so that it stays on long enough to get another season at was pretty cool and the story line is kinda different and interesting.

As for's not what it was when it first started and it's time for it to go so I'm glad that they decided it was their last season.

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