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'Chronicles of Riddick' New Movie Shut Down -- No Money, Mo' Problems

TMZ says

Vin Diesel's comeback as an ass-kicking ex-con from the future is on hold ... because production on the new "Chronicles of Riddick" movie has been shut down over some serious cash flow issues.

TMZ spoke with Michel Trudel -- the owner of the Montreal studio where the new movie is being shot -- who tells us he changed the locks and kicked everyone off the set Wednesday because the production company, One Race Films, has failed to pay up on time.

FYI -- One Race Films was founded by Vin Diesel ... who is also set to produce and star in the upcoming flick.

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Crazay3411d ago

Uhoh!!! This does not sound good. I sure hope that things get worked out sooner then later.

Noctis Aftermath3410d ago

I liked Pitch Black and Chronicles of Riddick, i really hope this gets sorted out quickly.

pomoluese3411d ago

Oh no, looks like Vin needs to make another Fast and Furious movie.

Crazay3410d ago

He has 2 more coming and they're supposed to be filmed back to back. I think 2012 is the expected release for one of them.

wh0am13410d ago

The Diesel man hasn't really been profitable outside of the Fast and Furious series

OSIRUSSS3410d ago

Vin needs to do another xXx!!

vortis3409d ago

Didn't he already do some? I thought that's where the gay rumors came from?


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