Them Gets a Remake


The freaky French horror film Ils is getting an American remake from Spanish commercial director David Alcalde.

Variety reports that the redux of the 2006 tale -- of a young couple who are terrorized in their secluded country home -- will not surprisingly be called Them (the Americanized title of the original film).

Nostromo Pictures is producing the film. The outfit is also behind the upcoming thriller Red Lights, with Robert De Niro and Sigourney Weaver.

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Crazay3415d ago

Have we not already seen a movie like this countless times before?

edwest3415d ago

And there I was thinking this was about giant radioactive ants :(

Crazay3414d ago

I admit that I was a little on the disappointed side myself. I thought Eight-Legged Freaks was brilliant.

Lord_Sloth3413d ago

No, I was both expecting AND hoping.

pomoluese3413d ago

That's what I was hoping :C

alycakes3411d ago

I know...I was thinking the same thing...that's the only movie I remember that was named 'Them'. Real old movie too in black and white.

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OSIRUSSS3413d ago

Aren't we due for a giant insect movie soon?

Crazay3413d ago

I think we're totally due for a giant insect movie. Especially if it's done well with some intentional campiness.