NYC's Trump Tower Is The New Wayne Enterprises For The Dark Knight Rises

CBM says

It looks like Batman's alter ego is getting a little more besides a new Lamborghini. Here's a first look at what seems to be the new Wayne Enterprises for the final Batman installment!

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darklordzor2761d ago

Could you imagine if every movie had this amount of press attached to it? Where every single little thing was somehow news. Seriously, it's not news if some other film uses a building, or changes something up.

I understand it's a big movie, but all of these ridiculous 'news' pieces are starting to irritate me. What is really newsworthy about the Trump Tower being used as a location? Does it change the story or give any details on the plot? No.

Crazay2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

I think it's more newsworthy for those who are local and want to try and catch a glimpse of what's going on outside the building.

You want a hug DLZ?

darklordzor2761d ago

Exactly! That's what local Newspapers are for, but all these websites are reporting it like it's big news in general...

No, I'll survive....I'm too upset for hugs.

Crazay2761d ago

LOL!!! A tissue?

But the younger generation doesn't read Newspapers. Myself included. They go to media sites like this one.

Crazay2761d ago

And hey - at least it's better than a pic of the actors walking to work on the set.

StarWarsFan2756d ago

Everything about this movie becomes a headline for an article, no matter how small the information.