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Brand New Trailer For Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol Arrives Online


Just a few moments ago I published my reaction to a IMAX preview for the upcoming winter blockbuster Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol. I was told to hold my coverage of the event until 4:30pm PST, and at that time I could let everyone in the world know what I thought of the 20+ minutes of footage. But why 4:30pm PST on a Thursday afternoon? Because the second trailer for the Brad Bird film has just launched.

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Crazay3408d ago

I think James Bond is boring but I don't mind the Mission Impossible movies and despite Tom Cruise's whacky BS religion, this looks like a very high energy and intense movie. No doubt this is going to be a huge winner.

alycakes3408d ago

I just ignore their personal agenda and deal with do they know how to make a good movie or not. The one thing about Cruise is that he does do good action movies. I loved the last MI movie and this one looks like it's going to top that one on the stunts. I'll be going to see that one at the theater just because of never looks good on a small screen at home.

MinimeJer053407d ago

This new MI is looking better and better. I welcome it with open arms since James Bond has been in and out of financial problems as of late.