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IGN - Chuck: The Final Season Begins

IGN - All good things come to an end, and so it goes that the final season of Chuck begins Friday night. Yes, these will be the final thirteen episodes for Chuck Bartowski and his friends and family, but the great news is the show's writers got to go in knowing that from the get go, and plan towards a proper ending. And for a show like Chuck, which was perpetually on the bubble and had so many periods where its future was uncertain, that is a rare TV gift.

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alycakes3417d ago

I watched the premiere and I liked it. I think the last season is going to be a good one and they will end it on a good note for everyone that is in their lives. I'm also glad they moved it to Friday night at 7CT because I don't like Nikitta so now I have something to watch before I go crazy because at 8pm is Supernatural, Grimm and Fringe all at the same time so I have to record two of them and watch only one then follow up with the other two before I go to bed.