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New Mission Impossible 4 Trailer Rocks

Joblo: Coinciding with the new trailer released today i'll be offering my two cents on a sneak peak I attended last week where I had the good fortune to check out about 20 minutes of GHOST PROTOCOL. Normally holding such an event for the press and only showing twenty minutes of a movie would be a bit of a gamble for a studio but dear friends... these twenty minutes were of the IMAX variety, and of course by IMAX I mean natively shot IMAX, not your father's 35mm-blown-up-to-65mm-and-call -it-IMAX IMAX.

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alycakes4166d ago

I'll be there to see it myself.

Camb316914165d ago

Mannn this looks badass. Love the Mission Impossible \films except the first one. While still good its my least favorite.

userco4164d ago

totally!i'll watch it..

artrexler4163d ago

I liked all of the movies so I'm very excited to see the fourth installment. Seems Ethan Hunt isn't losing his edge. Sad Michelle Moneghan (sp?) isn't in this one, she was badass in the third one.

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