Redbox Increases Daily DVD Rental Price

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Redbox sent out the following announcement today:

Redbox is making an announcement about its prices today, and we want to make sure that you hear it from us first.

Starting on Monday, October 31, the daily rental charge for DVDs will change to $1.20 a day.* The price change is due to rising operating expenses, including new increases in debit card fees. Daily rental charges for Blu-ray™ Discs and video games won't change.** Additional-day charges for DVDs rented before 10/31 won't be affected, either.

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pomoluese2788d ago

Hmm, I guess that's still not too bad even though it's a 20% increase.

JL2787d ago

Actually, mathematically speaking, this puts Redbox out of the running as a reasonable option for me.

Currently, I have the 2 DVDs out at a time plan which costs $12/month. Given turn around time and everything, I usually get 12 DVDs a month from Netflix. This means it averages out to about $1/"rental" from Netflix. Same as Redbox used to be. Now, however, Redbox loses that edge and Netflix is absolutely the cheaper option. Not to mention, Netflix absolutely has the better selection of movies.

I was considering dropping the DVD plan and just keeping streaming and using Redbox for rentals, but now it doesn't make sense monetarily speaking. Unless I just stopped watching so many movies (that's not going to happen). Cause technically, Redbox does still have the price advantage over Netflix's 1 DVD out at a time plan. Given the same turnaround/etc above, you'd be getting 6 per month for an average of $1.33/"rental". So, Redbox retains advantage over that plan, but only very slightly so.

pomoluese2787d ago

I guess that's true for some people. Sometimes I would find my Netflix DVD sitting out for 5 days and then I'd just ship them back without watching. I found myself watching more television on the live stream so that I'd never actually bother watching the DVD which was typically a movie.

StarWarsFan2783d ago

I prefer to buy or just watch TV.