Iron Man 3 Confirmed for North Carolina Shoot

Coming Soon says

Initially rumored last month, Marvel's armored hero is headed to North Carolina. The Associated Press has word that Marvel Studios will film Iron Man 3 at Wilmington's Screen Gems Studios.

The state, which is thematically appropriate as the birthplace of aviation, pulled in the production due to its generous tax incentives. With pre-production beginning soon, the shoot is expected to create 550 crew jobs and more than 1,000 additional talent positions.

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DarkBlood2791d ago

im digging Mark 2 in that picture more then the other ones

Crazay2790d ago

The Mark II costume is pretty bad ass looking. I think Iron Man looks way cooler without the colors.

alycakes2790d ago

I'm just okay with Iron Man 3 in any way. I am glad they will finally start filming soon.