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Mash-Up Artists: The Beetlejuice Sequel and Other Oddities of Katzsmith Productions

EW says

Combine David Katzen­berg with writer Seth Grahame-Smith and the bizarre hybrid creation is Katz­Smith Productions, a company grabbing attention in Hollywood for imaginative mash-up ideas and a love of all things genre. The duo likes to mix-and-match history and horror, fuse crime sagas with ghost stories, and they love the idea of assassins avenging Wall Street malfeasance. Oh yeah, they also want to make a Beetlejuice sequel that die-hard fans will love.

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Crazay3412d ago

Beetlejuice just has no business getting a sequel without Michael Keaton. can anyone here think of someone else who could pull the role off the way he does?

DarkBlood3412d ago

well if you seen him in "other guys" he still looks alright hes already sporting that front bald ish look which what clearly looks like it is in the picture above

serious doubt about any other returning characters though

Crazay3412d ago

Ms.Ryders, and Geena Davis' careers clearly aren't red hot at the moment. I could see alot of the originals coming back.