Will Shannon's Zod Not Ask You To Kneel?

Empire Online says

In 2013, Michael Shannon is set to appear as General Zod in Zack Snyder's Superman movie, Man Of Steel, but after speaking to him recently about another film, Take Shelter, Shannon mentioned that his Zod might not demand Supes to get down on his knees – traditionally Zod's favourite thing to do.

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Crazay2762d ago

I hate to say it because I know that I'll probably catch some flak from this but he has to say "Kneel before Zod Son of Jor-El. It's just one of those iconic movie lines.

OSIRUSSS2761d ago

Agreed. Also, I don't think that the phrase should be uttered more than once in the new movie. Would it be ironic if Jor-El bests Zod in the movie he forces him to kneel?