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The Voice Of TV: As we faded out from last week’s episode of Sons of Anarchy we were under the impression we may lose one of our beloved members of SAMCRO. Though the sounds were resembling that of tree crackling, no one is safe in this type of show. We all exhaled a sigh of relief in the opening minutes of Family Recipe, but come conclusion time, our worst fears came true – one of SAMCRO’s beloved falls. There’s only so many times Clay can hide his mistakes of his past; his latest antic will certainly come back to haunt him sooner rather than later, especially when he has been rapidly losing trust within the club. If you have not seen the episode, feel free not to read on.

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alycakes2762d ago

This was not good....this episode just shows how far someone will go to help himself and no one else. Someone needs to find him out and set him straight and send him to his grave. Clay will pay dearly for this one.