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Dan Glaser Talks 'Pinching Penny'

JL of Filmwatch writes:
Recently, I got a chance to interview a young up-and-coming director, Dan Glaser. Glaser wrote, directed and produced a cool little indie crime thriller recently entitled Pinching Penny. Pinching Penny very much has a Guy Ritchie vibe with a nice mix of Tarantino and Coen Brothers.

Here, Glaser talks about his recent film and the challenges of becoming a new director and making your first feature film. We also discuss his influences and other things.

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alycakes3416d ago

I guess we just don't realize how much it takes to get started in the business of making movies. It would be very complicated and time consuming...not to mention the financial part of it. You also have to have people that work for you and with you that you can trust and rely's a hard job but if you love what you do and want it bad enough....the sky's the limit.