Awaiting Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Sea of Monsters in 2013

Nightminx "Earlier this month, 2oth Century Fox announced that Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Sea of Monsters will be released in theater on March 26th, 2013. I am so excited for this movie since I loved the adaptation of the first one. Of course I do have some worries since, as is a tendency with books turned into movies, they omit information or scenes or even change the timelines and events that are well known by their readers of the series."

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userco3408d ago

a nice movie to wait for...

SnakeCQC3408d ago

the first one was okay i suppose but nothing special in my opinion

gaden_malak3408d ago

I was shocked at how much they deviated from the book. I was so disappointed. They made it more like a kiddy God of War than what Percy Jackson was.

SnakeCQC3408d ago

lol kiddy god of war was exactly what i was thinking when i watched it

Arcee3408d ago

Oh good, so I wasn't the only one who thought kiddie God of War either.

DarkBlood3408d ago

well not like they are going to make it a one man army or something lol

youd have to have some serious shit happen in your life to get all pissed off like that god of war style

gdogg6663407d ago

they already messed up this movie series but still gunna see thsi one lol