Brad Bird Says 'Incredibles' Sequel Will Come When He Discovers the Right Story

Movies: Brad Bird, director of the upcoming Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, told that there’s a good reason that there hasn’t been a sequel to The Incredibles, the one film among Pixar’s canon that seems most ripe for a follow-up: he hasn’t been working on one. “To say that I’ve had trouble [coming up with a story] is to say that [a sequel] has been my pursuit,” Bird said in a recent interview interview in Los Angeles, Calif. “I haven’t really been pursuing that.”

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DarkBlood2760d ago

i enjoyed the first one back then (only 20 here lol) it had funny moments where it would make a kid laugh if i was to watch it again id probably chuckle on the inside

but i may be an adult in body but still have some growning up to do :P

anyways enough of that and i hope they find the right story NOAWWWWWWWW

StarWarsFan2755d ago

Take your time, Brad. Take your time.