NXUS - Captain America: The First Avenger Review

Runnerbird writes: "Re-watching Captain America: The First Avenger, available this week on DVD, the opening scene struck me as an apt metaphor for the film itself. Like those modern day explorers discovering the World War II wreckage where Steve Rogers lay in suspended animation for seventy years, this film feels like something out of the past, a film with sensibility straight out of a simpler time when we knew who our enemies were, the military were the undisputed good guys and millionaire industrial capitalists were the only hope for saving the planet from ultimate evil. With comic book films either playing things bleak (Dark Knight) or playing things with a bit of nod and wink (Iron Man), Captain America occupies a strangely unique place in this current climate, one where believing in tried and true ideals like duty, justice and standing up for those who cannot help themselves with zero irony is something refreshing. Captain America: The First Avenger wears its sincerity proudly...

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