Chronicle Could be the First Good Found-Footage Film

Now I’ve certainly been doling out my share of hate for the recent rash of ‘found-footage’ films - movies that are made to seem like they were assembled from footage from various non-scripted sources - but this one looks different.

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MinimeJer053412d ago

Chronicle does look good, but Cloverfield, [REC] and Troll Hunter are going to be hard to beat.

JL3412d ago

The first good one, really? Sure the subgenre is filled with some crap but there have been several good ones. As mentioned above, Cloverfield and REC are good. And Troll Hunter definitely is an interesting which was well done.

Paranormal Activity is a great franchise as well.

The Last Exorcism was good up until the end.

Diary of the Dead was decent.

And a couple that people havent heard of:
Megan is Missing is about internet predators in a found footage style. Done pretty well and was definitely worth the watch.

Another is Look. This one is somewhat unique in its take on the subgenre. Its thriller rather than horror. And instead of handheld, it relies solely on surveillance cameras that you find in malls and other public places. Very good movie, I thought, that looks in on several stories that tie together. It's one I'd recommend.

pomoluese3412d ago

Yeah it is nice to have one of these that isn't vomit inducing shaky cam, but that trailer really didn't interest me.

gaden_malak3412d ago

Blair Witch original is still the best one out there.

JL3412d ago

Eh, I think Blair Witch is HIGHLY overrated. Wasn't great at all to me. In fact, was kinda garbage. Now, the marketing campaign behind it? Absolute genius. The movie itself? Not enjoyable.