Spielberg: More Indy & Jurassic Park?

Empire says

This month's issue of Empire magazine (the December issue, fact fans, featuring Mission: Impossible on the cover) contains part two of our Steven Spielberg special, following last month's in-depth look at The Adventures Of Tintin: The Secret Of The Unicorn. This time, we largely focused on War Horse, but we did find time to ask about the much-rumoured Jurassic Park IV and Indiana Jones V.

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Crazay3412d ago (Edited 3412d ago )

So many people hated Indy 4 but I really didn't mind it. I think that all of the Indy movies had him dealing with objects of lore so to me it seemed only natural that the end result would be aliens. Regardless, I'm all over another Indiana movie but they better move quickly.

Jurassic Park is a great series. I'm excited to see another one. hopefully it won't be a "reboot".

gaden_malak3412d ago

If they reboot it, I hope they stay faithful to the book.

JL3412d ago

I didn't mind it either (Indy 4). It wasn't as good as Raiders or anything, but still fine enough I thought.

Oddly enough, the biggest complaints I've heard/seen are people complaining about the ending and how it was all too far-fetched with the aliens. I'm just like: the franchise has included black magic, mystical cups, etc. Now aliens are too far out there? Please.

I'd be all over another Indiana Jones movie. And another Jurassic Park would be good too. I do agree that it better not be a reboot, though.

darklordzor3412d ago

I'm incredibly excited for both of these films. I've always been a very big Jurassic Park fan. Hell, for a fairly long period in my life I was studying and set to be a paleontologist. So I've always been really into dinosaurs (and monster movies are always awesome).

I've been anxious for another JP for a long time and think it's a good time for another. I doubt they'll do a reboot/remake. Spielberg doesn't seem like he'd do that to his own work.

I'll be there front row for Indy 5 whenever/if it gets made. I didn't hate Crystal Skull as much as many others did. Sure it was different, and lacked some of the emotional depth as the others, but it was still a fun adventure movie.