Shame, Starring Michael Fassbender, Has Been Slapped With An NC-17 Rating

CB says

Earlier today, while writing about Brad Pitt's casting in the new Steve McQueen film 12 Years A Slave, Sean pointed out that there was a possibility that Fox Searchlight might run into a problem with McQueen's most recent film, Shame. Due to its content - the film is about a sex addict living in Manhattan - many have speculated that the movie might get hit with the MPAA's harshest rating: NC17. Unfortunately, that situation as come to pass.

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Crazay2790d ago

I wish movie makers would be a little braver and make more NC17 rated movies. It's looked at as a kiss of death far too often.

Crazay2789d ago

I never watched the movie, I get the concept of it, I get the message the inspiration the writer/director was displaying, but I can';t say that movie has any appeal to me. I do however, applaud his bravery in telling a story and sticking to his guns on it.