Horror Movie Sequels That Aren't Terrible


The scariest thing about Paranormal Activity 3 may be how it's breaking all the rules of horror movie sequels.

The movie made more at the box office this past weekend than the previous installment did, a rare feat for a threequel to pull off. And reactions are generally positive from both critical and general audiences.

With Halloween creeping up on us, we look back at other scary movie sequels that bucked the trend and managed to not suck.

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darklordzor4164d ago

I love the title of this one. It doesn't actually say these movies were good or great, just that they didn't suck. Hilarious!

pomoluese4163d ago

If we're counting Troll 2 as not terrible, I think Resident Evil Afterlife should be on that list. I mean that movie was so funny it couldn't be "terrible".

Dawn of the Dead is such a great movie. I got to write a research paper on it once.

Crazay4163d ago (Edited 4163d ago )

I really liked Jason Lives and The Dream Warriors. those are 2 80s horror movies that I watch at least once a year. Also, I think that Ginger Snaps 2 was a decent sequel.

barb_wire4163d ago

I really liked 'The Exorcist III' it's a slow burn horror movie with one hell of a jump scene with the nurse..

Other decent horror sequels.. not including the well known ones (Bride of Frankenstein, Aliens..)

Hatchet II

The Devil's Rejects

Jeepers Creepers 2 (it has some great moments)

Quatermass and the Pit (not true horror but nether the less, a damn good movie)

The Descent Part II - it's has it's moments, there's a great amputation scene BUT the ending is terrible IMO

JL4163d ago

Absolutely The Devil's Rejects is one of the better horror sequels. Really like that one.

Crazay4163d ago

Come to think of it, Phantasm 2, Poltergeist 2 and Evil Dead 2 were all pretty awesome movies.

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