'Dark Tower' Heading To HBO, Says Brian Grazer

MTV says

Ron Howard and Brian Grazer's attempt to adapt Stephen King's "The Dark Tower" series over multiple films and television seasons has hit something of a snag: sporting a high price tag and an unprecedented rollout plan, "Dark Tower" proved too ambitious for Universal to handle. But if Grazer is to be believed, "The Dark Tower" isn't too big for HBO.

Speaking with MTV News at the "Tower Heist" press junket this past weekend, Grazer revealed that "The Dark Tower" is still very much on track, so much so that that HBO has come on board.

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Crazay4166d ago

HBO is without a doubt in my mind where The Dark Tower needs to be.

alycakes4165d ago

Well, I would agree with you if I had HBO but I don't. I wish they would put it on Syfy like's done really well there.