The 11 Most Awesome Movie-Themed Halloween Pumpkins

From TMP:

When it comes to art, any medium can become something amazing or impressive. Around Halloween, the chosen medium is of course pumpkin carving! There are some truly amazing works of pumpkin art out there, so to help celebrate the holiday, we're highlighting the best movie-themed Halloween pumpkin carvings.

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darklordzor2800d ago

I wish I had any talent when it comes to sculpting or 3D works. My only abilities lie in drawing and the 2D realm of things. So it's awesome to see these things and I just can't imagine some of the time they must put into them.

pomoluese2800d ago

These pumpkins are the reason I never put one on my porch. The shame!

The lotr one is really awesome

darklordzor2800d ago

Well, I really thought about trying to do one this year, even if I had to get a cool stencil or something, but I just didn't make the time for it. Maybe next year and my son should be old enough to actually help.

B_Rian892799d ago

The predator one was done by Ray Villafane. I've seen him on the food network. His work is amazing. check out the photos on his site

darklordzor2799d ago

Yeah I knew that one. I've seen a few of the ones he's done and they are all ridiculously awesome. He's got a lot of good skill.