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Player Affinity writes: "Last week, I found myself slightly annoyed at Dexter due to the lack time spent with both Brother Sam and our two killers, time that was instead invested in a hunt of Dexter’s that didn’t really deliver. It would seem that somewhere out there, someone may preemptively have heard my frustrations and written this week’s “A Horse of a Different Color.” Despite last week’s showing still maintaining a general air of quality about it, it would not be at all a stretch to say that this week’s episode blew it away. Whilst the majority of the time was still devoted to the employees of Miami Metro, Travis, Professor Gellar and Brother Sam all boosted their screen time in a more than pleasing way, with further insight being given to the killers, as well as further depth added to Dexter’s relationship with God."

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pomoluese4175d ago

I need to watch this episode. The ending of the one before was just like WTF IS GOING ON.

Let's all pretend season 5 never happened.