Warners Pulling ‘Harry Potter’ Out Of Circulation Dec. 29, With $12.1B+

Deadline says:

Harry Potter, the #1 motion picture franchise of all time, will soon disappear from shelves, as Warner Bros. stops shipping all Harry Potter theatrical film titles (including Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows™ – Part 2, and Harry Potter: The Complete 8-Film Collection) as of December 29, 2011 (moratorium does not include digital – Electronic Sell-Through & VOD – or games). The Harry Potter franchise has grossed more than $12.1 billion for Warner Bros. Entertainment – with $7 billion at the worldwide box office for Warner Bros. Pictures and $5.1 billion for Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

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edwest3418d ago

Well, that's, shrewd.

Warners pulling a 'Disey Vault'?

darklordzor3418d ago

I'm not sure about this idea. I mean, Deathly Hallows 2 won't have been out that long before they pull them. That doesn't give people a lot of time.

Honestly, I hate the Disney Vault idea. I always have. Sure, it's probably good for business in that people will pay whatever to get their hands on them, but it really sucks for a lot of people.

Like Lion King. Just last year my son was starting to get old enough for movies and I wanted to share some my favorite Disney movies with him....but I couldn't find any.

Because of the Disney Vault system, I haven't been able to share these classics with my child until THEY decide to let me. I hate that.

alycakes3418d ago

This has to be a rumor....I don't think they would do that so soon after the final episode comes would be totally stupid.

JL3417d ago

No it's not a rumor. And I don't know why people are suddenly reporting on this. WB made this clear when they sent out the first press release about the release of Deathly Hallows Part 2. Even then they stated that they would be stopping all shipments of Potter movies at the end of the year. So, again, not sure why this is just now making it onto some news sites. I even mentioned this when I wrote about the DVD/Blu-ray release.

That being said, I don't see this being a Disney Vault type thing. I'm guessing they just want to push them off the shelves for the holiday and get people really buying them. And I anticipate some type of collector's set next year. Doubtful we'll be waiting 5 years or something before they release them again.

Inthrax3417d ago

Yeah, that would be a bit of a ridiculous business move, especially seeing as new generations would appreciate the franchise just as much as the current.

pomoluese3417d ago

And that's why people pirate

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