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Here's Leon Kennedy On the Set of Resident Evil: Retribution


Milla Jovovich is keeping us busy with updates from the set of Resident Evil: Retribution. The actress posted the following video on her Twitter account this afternoon. What's significant about it is that it shows fans what Leon Kennedy (played by Johann Urb) looks like in the film. He's joined by Boris Kodjoe, reprising his part as Luther.

Shooting on the fifth film is underway in Canada with Jovovich, Urb, Kodjoe, Sienna Guillory, Colin Salmon, Michelle Rodriguez, Shawn Roberts, Johann Urb and Kevin Durand. Paul W.S. Anderson writes and directs.

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Crazay4650d ago

Well Leon certainly looks much manlier in the movie than he does in the games.

pomoluese4649d ago

Why is it that the only thing that follows the games is the character's clothes?

darklordzor4649d ago

Probably because that's the easiest thing for them to keep. That way they can show stills from the movie and all the fans will instantly recognize characters and think that the movie is sticking close to the source material.

Crazay4649d ago

What more do you want from them? They get the look of the character down quite well (except for Chris - I'll give you that) in my opinion. Especially Jill Valentine. That chick looked freakin amazing.

alycakes4649d ago

I'm glad they're having fun making the movie but me, I'm just ready to see it since I don't play the games.

maddfoxx4649d ago

I was a huge fan of the video game series from the very beginning. I like that the director of the movie series created a different dimension within the RE universe. That way, I can go into the movies not knowing what to expect. Dont understand why other RE fans rag on the movies for not keeping to the source material? Whats the fun in watching a movie of a video game you've beaten 20 times. . .

Lord_Sloth4649d ago

So you're saying we shouldn't watch Star Wars but so many times? It's the same thing.

Movies can do things games won't for now so we'd like to see our favorite games with a high budget behind their production, not something that shares the title and that's about it.

Also, I hate Jovavich. She hates me so it's only fair.

maddfoxx4649d ago (Edited 4649d ago )

I'm pretty sure its hard to take a 9+ hour game and turn it into a 2 hour film. A lot of things must be cut out of changed and fans will always cry over the smallest changes. I like that Anderson decided to stray away from the plots of the video games while using elements from them. It makes things interesting and fresh.

Crazay4649d ago

I'm with you for the most part on this except for the last 2 games which have suck the big moose knuckle. I like that Anderson is showing a different angle of the same events though.

JL4649d ago

I actually fully agree with you. I like video game adaptations to follow a different story than the game. They should be viewed as extensions of the video game world rather than direct adaptations.

For instance, the upcoming Uncharted movie. I don't want to see a direct adaptation that merely follows the story of Drake's Fortune or Among Thieves or Drake's Deception. I want a completely different story that I haven't seen before, that just brings in all the characters and elements that I love from the video game.

It's part of the reason I don't like the idea of a Heavy Rain movie adaptation either. Because from what I understand, they're wanting to just adapt that same story to the big screen. I don't want to see that. I already know that story. It was great in the video game, I don't need a movie to show me the same story again.

Lord_Sloth4648d ago

If you just count the cutscenes in most video games you'd be left with about 2 hours. A game is only 9 hours due to gameplay, with the exception of Metal Gear and a few others.

Most games CAN be wrapped up in a mere 2 hours, dood.

I don't mind making things interesting and fresh unless the attempt fails and a virus that attacks and destroys water and vegetation (both of which seem to make a full return somehow in the 4th film) is not only a plot hole, it makes little sense as to why it turns people into Zombies instead of evaporating them since they're mostly water.

I'll end up seeing this anyway because my sister loves the movies as does a close friend of mine but still...There was no need to alter the storyline to the point that it no longer shares anything aside from Zombies and the symbol for Umbrella.

Kurylo3d4647d ago

Yea for real... basically we are not watching resident evil the film. We are watching action zombies the film. 2 different features. I prefer resident evil (the games) more then action zombies (the movies) ... they are not just different stories.. there different everything except teh characters.. but even the characters are different people with different experiences. I mean how is chris redfield not affiliated with stars. :/ Its on the level of saying goldeneye 007 and the movie doom are the same since doom has a first person scene and it also contains guns just like goldeneye.

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Lord_Sloth4649d ago

Wonder if the Black Dude is Krauser...

After all the fuss the director gave in that interview about finding some1 with hair like Leon, you'd think he'da found some1 who looked more like him.

Not bitching or anything, just making an observation.

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