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Is Paranormal Activity the Best Suspense Series?

Digital Hippos writes:
Paranormal Activity is back again for a third go-around. This second film is actually the second prequel to the found-footage story of the highly and unexpectedly successful Paranormal Activity that was shot entirely in the home of director Oren Peli on a budget of $11,000. That film went on to make over $200 million.

To me, the paranormal films have combined to make the best suspense trilogy we have seen. This doesn’t imply perfection, but with its simplistic approach, intriguing story and fresh techniques to get your blood pumping, I am convinced we haven’t seen a better set of films that disturb our sleep like these found-footage films do. I know there are two-sides, and out there somewhere are some people who are giggling and bragging about how dumb these movies are. Yet I wish I could set up a camera in their home and see what their reaction would be to waking up at 3 o’clock in the morning to find out that something evil has decided to visit.

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JL3420d ago

I don't know about best suspense series. Of course, I can't really think of any actual series/franchises that are suspense off the top of my head.

But I do greatly appreciate the franchise. And this article hits on one of the biggest points for me. They're ability to drag out and build tension in the movies. Something Hollywood has seemingly abandoned for a long time now. They really bring the art back to that.

To me, this franchise greatly illustrates the old Hitchcock phrase: "There's two people having breakfast and there's a bomb under the table. If it explodes, that's a surprise. But if it doesn't..."

MinimeJer053420d ago

I wouldn't call them best of anything.

Guitardr853420d ago

Is this serious? People go to paranormal activity to laugh and get scared. It's cheap thrills. Hardly the anything!