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Player Affinity writes: "Before talking in any detail about Friday’s Supernatural, I must first get out of the way the fact that Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters were in it. While this means absolutely nothing to me, it is apparently a big deal. Despite being a fan of a few things in the supernatural genre and tolerant of a lot of fantasy/sci-fi type shows and films, Buffy the Vampire Slayer has never worked for me. It may just be that the show was before my serious TV viewing time. Then again, The West Wing started just two years later and it ranks number one on my list of the best shows ever made. More likely, in my opinion, the show just isn’t very good and I don’t see what the hell everyone is going on about when they say that it is, but that’s just my opinion. There are people out there that think Jersey Shore is the best thing on television, so we can all dare to dream."

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alycakes3413d ago

This was a cool episode and I hope they bring this character back.