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IGN - Dexter: "A Horse of a Different Color" Review

IGN - "Faith. If you put it in the wrong things, it'll f*** you up."

And so after a few episodes that featured Dexter learning lessons that I felt he'd already learned a few times over, "A Horse Of A Different Color" kicked things up a notch by having Dexter officially begin tracking down the Doomsday Killer (catchy name!). Yes, the gross-tacular side story involving Colin Hanks and Edward James Olmos got into the official game this week after the Miami Metro team discovered he ridiculously awful HorseNatahan of the Apocalypse. It was so freakin' bonkers that it even made Dexter leap back a bit. Could it be that this kind of demented s*** doesn't really float Dexter's boat the way it used to? Could this be actual evolution?

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