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Producer Brian Grazer Says $40-50 Million Cut From ‘Dark Tower’ Budget Means “It’s Gonna Get Made”

IndieWire says

Universal may have turned off the lights on “The Dark Tower,” but producer Brian Grazer, screenwriter Akiva Goldsman and director Ron Howard are still hard at work on developing the property. Universal’s worry about the Stephen King adaptation stemmed not only from the mammoth cost, but also the unprecedented vision, with a planned three-film cycle coupled with a television series to bridge the events of each picture. Last we heard the search was for outside financing, and then team with a studio to distribute the film. But, if the project is massively downgraded in scope, will studios be more eager to jump aboard?

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alycakes3423d ago

I'm glad it's going to get made eventually but I hope that doesn't effect the movie. All in all it really doesn't matter...the movie is all about the writing, directing and the acting so I guess we'll wait and see.