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Arcee "I can’t believe my father actually sat through the whole film. Really, this is something special because lately my dad has been kind of dismissive of animated movies. So for him to have sat down and enjoyed watching all of Batman: Year One, that says something about it."

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Yi-Long4166d ago

... but I felt this was quite a poor and lazy movie.

First of all, the voice-acting was VERY disappointing, and 2nd of all the visuals were bland and uninspired.

They stuck very close to the original story, which is good cause like I said, that's a great story, but I feel it deserved more than this adaption.

Looking at the amazing CGI trailer for Arkham City, it makes you wish those guys would have made this movie.

Brownghost4165d ago

lol every time commissioner gordon, i felt he would shave head and make meth

yaz2884165d ago

This movie is crazy! loved the action (Awesome animation)
this and under the red hood are by far the best batman movies imo

mafiahajeri4165d ago

Your kidding right? What about mask of the phantasm thats the best animated Batman movie.