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Nightminx "I have been eagerly awaiting the start of Once Upon A Time and am so excited that it is finally here. I was fortunate enough to see the pilot episode at the D23 Expo in August before it airs tonight on ABC. I am happy to say that just from this first episode I am expecting a lot more from this series - since I am such a fairytale loving girl. From what I got from the pilot episode and the Q&A with the creators of the series (Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz of Lost fame), this series is going to be my new addiction, I just know it."

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alycakes2794d ago

I watched this last night and I liked it. I wasn't sure if I would at first when I saw all the advertisements on it but then when it started it got interesting. I really like the concept of the little boy being the one that has to make his real mom believe that this is all real. It just facinates me how they think of these things.