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LRA: Paranormal Activity 3 - Theatrical Review

LRA writes: Apparently the Paranormal Activity franchise (I can't believe it is a franchise already) has taken the proverbial annual Halloween scary movie throne from the much over hyped and very dead (thank god) Saw series. I never really got all that into the Saw films, I stopped after the second one. But I appreciated that there was some sort of hook that kept people coming back each year even if it did nothing for me personally. The real problem I had with Saw and just about every other movie like it (Hostel) was that they were never really scary, they were more interested in grossing you out in place of well deserved scares. That is what I like most about the Paranormal Activity series, they are a complete reversal to what we have been getting each year. Instead of seeing people being ripped apart by all different types of contraptions we get a tension filled and mostly well told ghost stories that just keep getting creepier with each new entry.

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SantistaUSA4652d ago

Love to watch PA in the theaters, get to see everyone jumping is awesome, my girl jumped about 40+ times on PA2, I helped a little hehe :D


Christopher Landon Confirmed To Be Developing New Paranormal Activity Movie

While appearing on The Evolution of Horror podcast, Jason Blum confirmed Christopher Landon will develop the next Paranormal Activity movie.

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Paranormal Activity - Timeline Summary of Events

FYIG - Since each new movie in the series is not in chronological order, it can be difficult to piece together all the pertinent information obtained by all the films. After a marathon of every Paranormal Activity film and side research on the films, I have created a timeline-style summary of the movies for your convenience.

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WizzroSupreme3185d ago

There's sure a good mythology here, but it's a shame Paranormal Activity is such poor cinema.


Paranormal Activity 3 Blu-ray Review - WGTC

Jeremy of We Got This Covered wrote, "Catfish directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman take their stab at the Paranormal series with the third film that plays out as a prequel, happening years before the creepy events of the first two films. Paranormal Activity 3 does nothing to separate itself from the previous two films. It follows the PA formula to the last second, resulting in the worst film of the bunch. Its scares are less scary and the story is transparent. All it does is peak at the roots of the demon-stalked family and offer more jumps that can be achieved by using household products."

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alycakes4554d ago

Well...I haven't seen any of them. My son keeps telling me I need to so I kinda want to. I may have to get them all and just sit down and watch them during the day by myself because if it's one thing I do know for husband won't see anything even close to creepy much less something like this.