Ben Affleck is Warner Bros Choice To Make ‘The Stand’

Deadline says

Warner Bros has chosen Ben Affleck to adapt and direct The Stand, Stephen King’s apocalyptic mammoth book. Affleck has become a cornerstone director for the studio, but this would be his greatest challenge yet. Even King has been reticent about the idea of making a feature of his book, which previously was turned into a miniseries. With The Town and Gone Baby Gone, Affleck has shown the grit necessary to handle such an unforgettable tale. It’s early days, but the studio loves Affleck, who’s now directing Argo.

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Crazay2794d ago

This is actually a really interesting decision. I thought Gone Baby Gone was an incredibly good movie but haven't yet had the chance to see The Town which I hear is awesome.

I still like the mini series and am skeptical about what he can do with a 2-2.5hr long movie thought. The book is effin gigantic and the TV mini series worked really well for the most part. I'd probably prefer to see it in a mini series format again.

alycakes2792d ago

You should see 'The Town' because it is a really good movie. I agree on the other...I really don't know about doing The Stand as a movie. It is very long and confusing if you saw the mini series but it's also very good...don't know how they would pull that off.