Explicit Baron's Thoughts: The Walking Dead Season 1

Explicit Baron writes:
The Walking Dead premiered last year on Halloween on AMC and the first season only ran 6 episodes. I had seen a few clips of it but, didn’t get into it. Lucky for me and everyone else the first season is available on Netflix streaming in high definition. The show follows a group of people in the U.S. around the Atlanta Georgia area, struggling to survive in a zombie infested world. The people in the group increase and decrease throughout season one and are diverse, a cop, a redneck and a former pizza delivery boy are just a few in the group. While zombie movies have been overdone to death this TV show revives the zombie genre.

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userco4177d ago

it's worth seeing it..

explicitbaron4176d ago

Very worth seeing, you'll be surprised how great it is.

x8004176d ago

cant wait until season 2

explicitbaron4176d ago

Subscribe to my blog people, I'll appreciate it so much.

GoldenPheasant4176d ago

meh. Its not bad, its not overly good. Why? Too much comic relief and parts that really draw you away from the whole zombie infested world bit (ie, the Dogde product placement).