“They’re Coming to Get You” – Favorite Zombies Films

With The Walking Dead scaring up record ratings on television last weekend, zombies have officially taken their place as “monster of the moment”. Zombies have been around in cultural lore for decades, but it wasn’t until the 1932 Béla Lugosi film White Zombie that the undead entered the pop culture consciousness and we haven’t looked back.

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NXUSco2772d ago

28 Day Later is one of my favorites because of its eerie realism. Some of the shots of empty London were amazing.

The Evil Dead Series are some of my favorites too. Army of Darkness especially. Haha

alycakes2771d ago

I'm always going to be a Resident Evil fan first then 28 Days.

userco2770d ago

I'M a resident evil fan too.Another good zombie film is dawn of the dead...