'Amazing Spider-Man' Villain Debuts His Lizard Voice

MTV says

For Andrew Garfield, becoming your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is as simple as slipping on some red-and-blue tights. For Rhys Ifans, the process of becoming the Lizard -- the reptilian nemesis Peter Parker will face in next summer's "The Amazing Spider-Man" -- is considerably trickier.

As is the case with so many superhero films these days, Ifans filmed his scenes as the Lizard while wearing a complicated motion-capture suit that will make way for the villain's scaly visage somewhere along the post-production process. But fans won't have to look too hard to see Ifans' performance shine through the presumably CGI-heavy Lizard's presence: His eyes, facial expressions and -- yes -- even his voice will be front and center when "Amazing Spider-Man" swings into theaters.

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