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Drive Roars off of its momentum at the Cannes Film Festival and into U.S. theaters with hopes of opening up an early awards season lead, but despite its critical success it is important to note up front that Drive, although deftly crafted, is not a film about heart. Emotion has little to do with it, for both characters and audience alike. Instead, Drive is about feel. The film, like the title suggests, is a study of shifting dynamics between individuals, about the forward momentum of one moment to another, the headlong pitch of acceleration that one small decision can lead to until, finally, you arrive at the end uncertain of how you came to be there. Yes, the driving metaphors are bad, but I believe there’s something in them. Every frame of the movie is dedicated the study of movement, of colliding agendas and the wreck of carnage they (in this film, at least) can lead to.

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