Christina Hendricks Wanted to Be a Zombie in The Walking Dead

Primetime Unreality TV says:

Actress Christina Hendricks reportedly asked The Walking Dead exec Greg Nicotero if she could be given a cameo role as a zombie in the hit drama.

Christina, who is of course famed for her role in Mad Men, apparently cornered Nicotero at the Golden Globe awards earlier this year to ask for the part.

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darklordzor2768d ago

You know, if I saw her as a zombie coming at me...I'd let her bit me. Just saying.

Crazay2768d ago

LOL!!! You just said what all of us were thinking.

FlashBack2767d ago

I'd just shoot her in the head and then proceed to check out her boobs and say " AT LAST! ".
Then I would just realise how gross checking zombie tits was...