Sony Names Studio Park After John Calley

Deadline says:

Sony Pictures Entertainment today revealed the naming of John Calley Park in honor of the late, former Chairman of the studio; it was announced by chairman and chief executive officer Michael Lynton and co-chairman Amy Pascal at a dedication ceremony attended by studio employees. The newly-named park is located in the center of the studio’s historic 44½ acre lot and serves as a central gathering spot for employees and visitors. Speaking at the dedication, Pascal said: “John came in as a steadying ‘center of gravity’ for the studio. He gave all of us what we needed to come together as a company and also gave us an infusion of life and a sense of togetherness that the studio did not have before. When Michael and I thought about building this park, we wanted it to be a gathering place for everybody. When John died, it seemed the perfect name to call it.” Lynton added: “We are all better off thanks to John’s years on this lot, and the world is better off thanks to the wonderful entertainment he left in his considerable wake. It is with great honor that we dedicate this park to John Calley.”

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