Five Prequels We Actually Want To See

CB says:

Yesterday Sean O'Connell pointed out what's quickly becoming an unavoidable trend: prequels, which allow franchises to hit the reset button and get rid of whatever elements they didn't like, are becoming the new sequels. It's been evident for a while now, but especially in the recent weeks, which saw a prequel for The Thing last weekend and, coming up this Friday, Paranormal Activity 3, which actually takes place before the action of the first two movies.

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Crazay3423d ago

That was a n awesome list. Personally I'd like to see The Vega Brothers and a Sunshine prequel.

movieshateyoutoo3423d ago

I really wouldn't want to see prequels to any of those films. We know what happens, that's the probably with prequels in general. Almost every single prequel ruins the sense of mystery that the original film created. Sometimes the tiny tidbits of the earlier story that we're told during the original film and my own imagination is enough. Case and point, would be Wolverine. His storyline was much more interesting to me before they explored it with an entire movie. Once the movie was finished all the mystery that surrounded that character was gone.

Crazay3423d ago

But Wolverine has a rich history full of all kinds of back stories. The Weapon X program is something I feel needed to be looked at.

Put aside any feelngs you may have had for the Star Wars prequels for a minute - are you saying that you would have preferred they didn't make Star Wars prequels?

Everyone likes to know the origins of characters in their favorite movies and literature.

movieshateyoutoo3423d ago

Absolutely, I would have preferred they not have made the Star Wars prequels. If that story would have been told first instead of the original trilogy that would be different but we already knew what happened to Anakin & co. when the prequels were made. Watching a little kid grow up to be a Jedi and then turn to the dark side is one thing, but knowing that cute little kid is going to grow up and become "space Hitler" isn't as enjoyable or surprising.

I would also disagree with everyone wanting to know the origins of the characters of their favorite movies and literature. If Warner Bros. or JK Rowling said that they were going to come out with prequel books & movies about the Harry's parents at Hogwarts and their battle against Voldemort I'd be pissed. I don't need that story to be told again, what I know from the books and movies is enough. Sometimes the unanswered questions and mysteries is what keeps a character or story interesting. Once that's gone it can't be regained.

Crazay3423d ago

Considering JK and WB s cash cow that is the Harry Potter series is now done...I recall hearing that she said something about returning to Hogwarts as a possibility in the future. I reckon it would in all likelihood be in the form of prequels following Harry's parents.

And you know what? It would sell like CRAZY!

alycakes3423d ago

Inception would be my number one choice. That in itself so blows my mind that I would love to see more of how they all came about to that point. There are other movies but none that would really grab me like this one would.

Quagmire3422d ago

I personally would LOVE to see a prequel to Pirates of the Caribbean.

Get this, the story of how Jack Sparrow went from a young rogue pirate to full notorious captain by striking a deal with ol' tentacle beard himself who raises the Black Pearl from the dark depths of the ocean as a fitting ship for Cap'n Jack.

We get more of Jack, we get Davy Jones again, and we get the mother-fucking Kraken again! Toss in maybe the story of how Penelope CRuz's character and Jack met, aswell as delving deeper into the past and ambitions of Jack Sparrow.

3422d ago
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