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River Phoenix's Final Film to Be Released After 18 Years

THR: Dutch director George Sluizer to recut original footage of “Dark Blood” for release in 2012.

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Dark Blood is a gritty prison drama starring John Leguizamo

Dark Blood depicts a parent who is imprisoned after executing a heinous vengeance crime. During confinement, he must adjust to his new life.

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River Phoenix – A Talent Lost But Not Forgotten

FMV Magazine’s Simon Collings looks back at the short career of the enigmatic River Phoenix.

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TrendyGamers4297d ago

Has his brother been in anything recently?


River Pheonix's Final Film Completed, To Premiere September 27th

Twitch: Nineteen years after the death of River Phoenix the young star's final film has been completed and will finally be seen by audiences at the Netherlands Film Festival in Utrecht on September 27th.

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