IGN - American Horror Story: "Murder House" Review

IGN - As much as I didn't fully buy the financial reasons that the Harmons aren't able to sell their house, I appreciate that American Horror Story addressees this issue early on in the series, giving our family a reason to stick around the property a little while longer. Still, with some of the s*** that's been going on in the house, real and imagined, it's always going to be hard to convince us that a family wouldn't all just pack their bags and move into a motel room like the family in Poltergeist. But "characters not getting the hint" is also part of this genre. And while it might smack dramatic irony in the face a bit, it's part of the toll you pay. And even though the real estate agent didn't disclose the full, malicious history of the house, I feel like a house with that much awfulness soaked into the foundations could easily find buyers. Much like it found home invasion cultists in the last episode.

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