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Lana And Andy Wachowski Return To Sci-Fi Action Arena With ‘Jupiter Ascending’

Deadline says

From the studio’s ongoing efforts to cast up big ticket films like Akira, All You Need is Kill and The Twilight Zone (now that Matt Reeves signed on as director), Warner Bros continues to be a go-to place for actors looking for star making parts in big commercial films. A new Warner Bros project now has the attention of actor reps: Jupiter Ascending, which I’m told will be the next film by Lana and Andy Wachowski, and their first major science fiction action franchise play since The Matrix. Like that trilogy, Jupiter Ascending is an original creation by the duo, and it’s on track to start production by the spring. The studio is now discussing which A-list star to lead the cast while keeping the script and logline under tight wraps.

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darklordzor4170d ago

Thank goodness! I can't wait to see them return to this genre. Should be exciting!

Crazay4170d ago

When did Larry become Lana?

hazelamy4170d ago

i wonder if we'll ever see anything more from the matrix franchise?

i know i'd like to.

Crazay4169d ago

So would I - I liked the entire franchise.