Is The Return of Arrested Development A Good Idea?

7Bit Arcade writes:
All hail the Gods of television: Arrested Development is back. Despite its cancellation in 2006 at the hands of the unscrupulous Fox Broadcasting Company, creator Mitch Hurwitz has finally confirmed that there will be a new series and a movie based on everyone’s favourite dysfunctional family. The whole cast were reunited on stage as a part of the New Yorker Festival earlier this month, where Hurwitz explained how the Bluth family would return to our screens. There will be 9 or 10 new episodes, each focusing on one of the main characters, and then these episodes will lead into the events of the film. Even though they still hold the rights to Arrested Development, Fox has not committed to produce or show any of the new episodes. However US network Showtime (responsible for Dexter and Californication) and online streaming services Netflix and Hulu are apparently interested in financing the triumphant return of the Bluths, so all is not lost. So, one of the cleverest, most critically lauded, funniest shows is finally returning to our screens. What can we expect?

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