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Akira Gets the Green Light

ComingSoon says

The live-action Akira is getting close to becoming a reality. Variety reports that Warner Bros. has greenlit the project with director Jaume Collet-Serra (Unknown) attached to direct. What's more, they may have already found their leading man in TRON: Legacy star Garrett Hedlund.

Famously adapted as an anime in 1988, Akira will be based on the original manga by Katsuhiro Otomo, depicting a sci-fi cyberpunk dystopia, but will relocate the action to "New Manhattan" rather than "Neo-Tokyo."

Hedlund's involvement is only tentative at the moment, but he would up be for the part of the original story's Kaneda (there is not yet word on whether or not the character names will be changed).

Budgeted at $90 million, Akira could shoot as early as February of next year.

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Crazay3427d ago


Ugh this has bad news written all over it...

Yi-Long3427d ago

... can't believe there are producers snorted up enough to greenlit projects like this.

Don't get me wrong, I can definitely see how the anime-movie can be improved upon, but not with a live-action movie and with a western cast, set in the USA.

Just hire a top-quality CGI team and do the whole thing in gorgeous CGI that stays true to the original manga in each and every way. THAT would result in a brilliant movie (and probably a trilogy, because of the epic scope of it all...)

Crazay3427d ago

FINALLY!! Someone understands me. This movie is going to be a raging piece of crap.

ALICE6663427d ago


Hollywood stop raping my childhood.

I pray it is even half watchable..

hazelamy3426d ago

i'll reserve judgement until i see the film.

Crazay3426d ago

Normally I try to hold onto any judgements until I see things from the movie but everything about this movie has bad written all over it.

1) You can't take a Japanese story and cast it with American characters. Garret does not look Japanese so why would his name be "Shôtarô Kaneda"? They'll likely have to change all the names.
2) Akira takes place in NEO Tokyo...they want the setting to be in "NEO New York"
3) The story and backdrop of Akira was inspired heavily by post WWII Japan and the Hiroshima bomb so I just can't see how they're going to pull that off without completely changing mythology.

There's no way I can't be overly critical of this project.

Lord_Sloth3426d ago

Changing a name and setting isn't detrimental to any story, really. It's pure cosmetics.

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